German Mortgage

English Consulting


Telephone consulting

Telephone mortgage advice in English: For your home financing in Germany. Book a consultation appointment.


Video consulting

Video conference and video transmission for your home financing in Germany, in English. More details below.

Baufinanzierungsberatung in Berlin

Consulting in Berlin

Free on-site consultation at your home - anywhere in Berlin. Please call to make an appointment.

Your English speaking mortgage broker in Germany

Telephone or video consultation

I recommend the video consultation. You do not need to download a program, nor do you need to log in or register anywhere.

English Consulting in Berlin

I advise you on site in Berlin, comfortably at your home. Just call me to make an appointment.

Free of charge and without obligation

The consultation is free of charge and non-binding for you, you do not enter into any obligations.

Over 400 banks in comparison

As I have access to over 400 banks, I can find the best financing for you.

Several years of experience

I am a graduate banker and have several years of professional experience in the credit and financing sector.

Also for non-EU citizens

It is even possible for non-EU citizens to take out construction financing in Germany if they have an unlimited residence permit.

English mortgage consulting in Germany

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If you live in Germany and are looking for a house mortgage advisory service in English, you have come to the right place. My name is Patric Braun, I am a graduate banker and home mortgage consultant. I will accompany you on your way to real estate financing in Germany - even if you do not speak German. I will advise you free of charge by telephone or online via video consulting and will call on a total of over 400 banks to make you your personal financing offer.

Patric Braun

Are you looking for an English speaking mortgage broker in Berlin? I will advise you comprehensively on all topics relating to real estate financing in English. Whether you want to buy an apartment or a house, build a new one or modernize, with me you have found a competent partner for all your needs. I will also be happy to advise you on your follow-up financing, on financing capital investments or if you want to raise capital using your existing property. Even construction financing without equity capital is possible.

After the consultation, which takes place as already mentioned by telephone or by video, you receive your personal financing offer by E-Mail sent. You can then send me all the documents by e-mail and I will ensure that the relevant bank can make a credit decision as quickly as possible. I will accompany you personally from the first meeting to the disbursement and am at your disposal for all questions concerning real estate financing at any time!

Your Patric Braun

Advantages of video consulting

Video conference

Through the webcam transmission you will get to know me personally. You can also turn your webcam on or leave it off.

Screen sharing

Through the video transmission you can see my screen and together with me compare the offers of over 400 banks.

Full consulting experience

The combination of video conferencing and screen transmission makes an intensive and flexible consulting experience possible.

Graphical financing tools

Various financing tools provide a better understanding of your financing on the screen through graphic design.

Full transparency

They can understand perfectly how a construction financing works and how they influence which factors on the financing.

No registration, no download

The video consultation is completely browser-based. You do not need to download anything or register or log in anywhere.